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Pastor Anthony F. Eaton

Pastor Eaton is a demon-hater and fighter. He loves the Word of God and loves encouraging others to lives of discipleship, as directed by the Spirit of God. Pastor Eaton is passionate about soul-winning and has spent most of his life as a direct disciple-maker.


As a collegiate student at Shaw University (Raleigh, NC), Pastor Eaton accepted his first Pastoral assignment in Knightdale, NC. He was young, but he knew that the Lord had set him apart for a unique assignment. While there, he led the church to tremendous spiritual growth. In 1989, Pastor Eaton heard the voice of the Lord urging him out of the traditional Baptist church that he had pastored for four years and into a new, fresh work - The Jesus Kind of Ministry. He felt a strong leading to launch a ministry that would literally do the work Jesus did while He was in the earth - teaching, preaching, healing, and casting out demons - as documented in Matthew 4:23-24 and throughout the Gospels. With this sense of urgency, Pastor Eaton, along with the assistance of his bride, Pastor Kimberly, launched Kingdom Mission Church on Sunday, August 12, 1990.

Professionally, Pastor Eaton is a trained educator and communicator, having matriculated at Jarvis Christian College, Talladega College, and ultimately graduating from Shaw University. As a full-time Pastor for many years, Pastor Eaton finds his greatest joys in doing the work of the ministry, including home visits, one-on-one evangelism, and discipleship training. Additionally, Pastor Eaton is an avid reader and writer and has several published works and several more in process for completion.

One word that describes Pastor Eaton is faithful - faithful to the LORD, faithful to his wife and children, faithful to his church, faithful to his family and friends!

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