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Our Vision

Teaching and Training the Body of Christ

Discipleship is the most important aspect of this fellowship. Although leading persons to Christ is vital, teaching them the ways of Christ, training them in the ways of Christ and training them to be effective workers for Him is even greater.

Producing Mighty and Powerful Kingdom People

Without persons going to spiritual maturity-being filled with God's Spirit- the church can never become what the Master wants. However, Kingdom Mission Church sees men, women, boys, and girls operating under the matchless power of the Holy Spirit; Nurturing believers into dynamic relationships with Christ, while accentuating the significance of The Word, Prayer, Fellowship, Witnessing, and Ministering. 

Developing Godly Men in the Body of Christ

The "Vision" says, "A godly, spirit-filled man will help to save his family, while providing spiritual leadership". As men become personally related to Christ, they will earnestly seek the salvation of their households. Strong men help to produce strong boys and healthy families. Men will find their positions in Christ and function as integral parts of the Body.

Reaching Lost Souls through Radio, Television, Publications, Etc.

We dedicate ourselves to reaching the world for the cause of Christ, ensuring that others are drawn to Christ's light through us, His humble servants. As our theme scripture proclaims, we are committed to carrying the gospel to all lands, and we will carry Christ's message effectively through the use of modern methods of communication.

Providing Recreational Activities and Facilities for the Family

We realize the importance of holistic ministry and its essential role in the development of strong Kingdom citizens. 

Therefore, we strive to provide activities for the entire family by which persons may be able to focus on their 

d while sharpening their individual families as well as the corporate Body. These activities and facilities consist of health and wellness, family enrichment, entertainment facilities, athletic facilities, etc. 

Establishing Educational Facilities for Both Religious and Academic Pursuits

Our God is a God of excellence, which, we acknowledge, spans both spiritual and natural borders. Therefore, we are committed to providing learning environments for brothers and sisters to grow spiritually and naturally. We focus on empowerment to equip individuals for successful, God-fearing lives, in every way.

Initiating Missions in Various parts of the Nation and World

Reaching people was Jesus' earthly mission, and this is the mission we seek to carry on today. We desire to establish missions in the United States as well as in other countries to ensure the message of Christ is spread and all mankind is benefited.

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