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Pastor Kimberly G. Eaton

Kimberly G. Eaton has been officially preaching the Word of God since May 1997. Faced with life-altering challenges since the tender age of seven years old, this prophet is committed to empowering the Body of Christ, through the Word of God. Born to her late parents, Johnny Lee and Mother Elnora Lankster Gordon, she is the youngest of seven children.

Here’s Pastor Kimberly at-a-glance:

  • She is the founder of One Touch WMI (OTWMI) established 1997, which is the umbrella for;

    • “A Sister-to-Brother Touch,” a publications ministry for men;

    • “A Touch in the City,” OTWMI signature women’s conferences;

    • “Singles’ Fire-Side Chat,” an intimate partnership with single women of God seeking marriage and God’s answers related to the subject,

    • “Victorious Women’s Celebration,” an annual women’s celebration held to celebrate God’s female warriors;

    • “Tea Time,” a time of refreshing at Christmas;

    • “Help-a-Sista-Out Revival,” a one night revival birth to give sisters a spiritual boost in November as they face the close of the year;

    • “Founder’s Brunch,” a time set aside during the celebration of Mother’s Day to encourage females of all ages to be a blessing in the body of Christ; 

    • “God’s Sweethearts,” a sweetheart event meant to show the love of Christ to all females via special treats created especially for each individual by Pastor Kimberly; and

    • For my Sisters – A Personal one-on-one experience of LOVE from Pastor Kimberly

Pastor Kimberly is married to the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Mission Church, Anthony F. Eaton, is the mother of three anointed gifts from the Lord, Evangelist Amberly P. Cooper (Pastor William Cooper); Evangelist Antoinyce E. Mathis (Maurice Mathis); and Vincent Eugene Eaton II. She welcomed her first grand-gifts (babies) June 2017 (Gordyn & Winston).


Pastor Kimberly is currently secularly employed as a premiere HR Professional. She is also a nationally Certified Public Manager, a Certified Facilitator with Development Dimensions International (DDI), a Certified EEODF Adjunct Trainer with the State of North Carolina, and a certified MBTI Practitioner.

Pastor Kimberly’s ultimate desire to touch the life of at least one person with the love of Jesus every day is coupled with the song her grandmother use to sing, “If I Can Help Somebody (My Living Shall Not Be In Vain).” She is not looking for a crowd but an opportunity to reach one. She is committed to being a kingdom citizen and determined not to be deported. She is seeking to recruit others to this AWESOME life of discipleship. In her spare time, Pastor Kimberly enjoys the businesses God has birth in her, Pastor K’s Tea Spot and Dining Experience (a personalized one-on-one experience of a chef’s daughter); Sweet Touch Desserts by Kimbla (a touch your taste buds will remember forever), Elnora Today (personality designed accessories), and Kimbla INK (graphics with God’s creative touch involved). In April 2012, Pastor Kimberly published her first book, entitled, “Touched.” She is in the process of publishing three new books, 28+ Pearls: Words of Wisdom for Success in Marriage; My Cup; and One Moment Please (there are a few more titles God gave during this season of healing and recovery to be announced soon).

Pastor Kimberly enjoys preparing women’s ministry booklets, flyers, and brochures. She has developed many booklets for conferences, women’s days, and other Christian events when it was not required but she wanted to give a FULL experience to the sisters and brothers around her.

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